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Novoche Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. upholds the mission of "guarding your health and beauty" and continuously provides the most healthy and assured products for the public, striving to "become the most successful operator of contact lens products". Founded in 2012, Novocci has been engaged in global contact lens industry for many years. It has cooperated with Johnson & Johnson, Doctor Lun, Alcon, Haichang, Kubo and other leading brands of contact lenses, and has continuously introduced the latest, safest and healthiest contact lenses products into the world's leading brands. E-commerce platform has established long-term cooperative relations with Tianmao, Jingdong, Weishihui, Netease, Xiaohongshu and other portals. Since 2014, Novocci has continuously created its own brand contact lens products, and has designed Sap, Facetitude, KKR brand contact lenses to meet the needs of all kinds of people in terms of professional health, comfort, fashion and beauty..... >>

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Address:Floor 4,No. 16, Lane 2, Suide Road,Putuo District ,Shanghai           Contact number:021-61136480

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